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Lime Stone

Lime Stone is a cost-effective stone which if used correctly can give a up-market or Boutique look.

A very under used stone, we at Celtic Stonework mainly use two types, both are different in look and make-up.
Te Kuiti lime stone and Lime stone from a private quarry in Pirongia (Te pahu).

  • Te Kuiti Lime Stone is modular or uniform block shape. Its colour is a light cream with light grey stone mixed with in it. (see sample panel).
  • Pirongia Lime Stone is an irregular and more random shape, its colour has an orange tint and a darker cream look than the Te Kuiti stone, it sometimes also shows a vain running through it.

Both are ideal for the Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean look or even a Mexican look. Both go well with wrought iron.

Both can be laid as a dry stack or full mortar joint (See sample panels) these panels can be viewed at our yard in Pirongia by appointment.

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Lime Stone

Lime Stone from a private Te Pahu quarry.

This Lime stone has a beautiful, organic, dry stone wall look about it which is unique to the Waikato area.

Lime Stone

Lime Stone from a Te Kuiti quarry.

This lime stone is from the Te Kuiti area - it has a touch of grey as well as the cream look - it also has a more modular look.

Mortared Lime Stone

Mortared Lime Stone.

Random lime stone with a flowing full mortar joint ideal for the Mediterranean, Spanish look. From my private Waikato quarry

Lime Stone Stonework Photos